By George!

To be quite frank I’m a little disappointed with Wills and Kate. Being the big fan I am of the couple I had high hopes for what name they were going to choose for they’re new born child and future King.

But the name they chose was, drum roll please… Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

Doesn’t it just fall short in so many ways?

The couple is renowned for breaking new ground and representing modernity within the monarchy. But the name George just doesn’t cut it for me.

I had really hoped the couple would continue with their new age ways and choose something a little more chic. What about Spencer, the maiden name of Princess Diana? The world did expect the royal baby to honour William’s mother in some capacity.

The name George is dated and out of fashion. Well, up until now I’m sure it was.

But to be blunt, Wills and Kate got it wrong.

I mean even Princess Diana broke grounds choosing the somewhat ordinary name of ‘Harry’ for her second born, but it seems we’ve gone one step forward and two steps back. I understand George is a traditional name, honouring Queen Elizabeth II’s Father King George VI. But George is surely not a suitable name for a baby in this day and age.

Especially not a royal baby.

I mean I don’t have anything against the name George and I know plenty of them, but it’s not a name I picture for a baby. It’s like the name Karen or Barbara which are almost laughable when pictured as a name for a baby or small child.

Is it safe to say I might even prefer North West over George Windsor? I mean you have to give Kim and Kayne points for creativity and originality, right?

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