What Would Hannah Montana Say?

In case you missed it, (although I’m quite sure there is no one on planet earth who did), Miley Cyrus is all grown up.

I’m not going to rehash what happened at this year’s VMA’s, because let’s be honest, that would be much too painful.

But for those who luckily did escape watching the traumatising performance or hearing fervently opinionated commentary about it, all you need to know is that, put very mildly, Miley asserted (some might also say ‘inserted’) her womanhood for all to see.

But it’s been more than 72 hours now since the infamous bump and grind performance for Miley’s new song ‘We can’t stop’, and she is still the centre of news headlines and the butt of all jokes on social media, pun intended.

My Facebook newsfeed is still drowning in Miley Cyrus memes and comments expressing everything from utter disgust to sadness and concern.

It seems everyone has an opinion about Miley.

So I thought I’d share mine.

I understand that the transition period between teenager and adult can be a challenging and confusing time, to say the least.

I understand that Miley, having been known as Hannah Montana for most of her teenage life, may be having trouble asserting herself as herself and struggling to find her own sense of identity.

I also understand that now, being all grown up she may find it extremely annoying and frustrating to be forever associated by fans as a Disney character and to not be recognised solely as Miley Cyrus.

I understand that a bold statement or rebellion against this is a given, and understandably so, as we have seen done many times before with other childhood Disney stars that have gone before Miley.

I understand how critical this important transitioning stage of a young woman’s life is, especially for someone in the limelight and under constant public scrutiny, and especially for someone who so badly wants to shed their former childhood image and tell the world that they are now a woman.

But didn’t her new cropped hairstyle and change of style say that much in itself?

Miley, we get it.

But what I am struggling to understand is how a former child star standing on stage in flesh tone underwear, flaunting her sexual prerogative in our faces is helping us to recognise and accept her as a new grown up version of her former self.

In fact I think it does just the opposite.

This self-degrading act shows us that she hasn’t really grown up at all and could quite possibly still be on the same wavelength as the 13 year old Disney starlet we are so used to associating her with.

What’s even sadder is the fact that Miley mistook all of the negative attention she was receiving as positive, tweeting “My VMA performance had 306,000 tweets per minute. That’s more than the blackout or Superbowl!”

Miley, Miley, Miley.

We were laughing at you, not with you.

Please note the difference.

I know the VMA’s are known for staging sexually provocative performances, (think back to Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears’s shocking three-way kiss, which seems rather lacklustre in comparison now), and since Gaga we are no longer shocked by sexually confronting images created by music stars. But the three-way kiss was hot and sexy, and Gaga, well she’s Gaga, and we can appreciate the creative direction and artful manner in which such a message is delivered.

Miley’s performance was far from sexy and far from arty. It was pure tackiness and lacked any sort of singing, dancing or artistic talent. Her performance was uncomfortable and awkward. Yes, it shocked us, though not in a good way, but in a cringe worthy WTF kind of way.

If she wants to get the public talking for all the right reasons, (and just maybe she doesn’t and then the joke is on us), maybe she should start using her talent to produce something of quality.

Instead, Miley seems obsessed with rebranding herself as an edgy pop star with a sex life. And if Miley’s fast path downward continues we can be assured that when she does ‘grow up’ and leave ‘Hannah Montana’ behind it will surely be in pursuit of a Lindsay Lohan lifestyle we saw glimpses of at the VMA’s.

It seems the line between where Miley is in on the joke and where she becomes the joke is blurred. And whilst she continues to twerk to her new song ‘We can’t stop’, someone needs to tell her that in fact she can stop, and she should.


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