14 Things We Love About Margaret Zhang’s Style

Commerce/Law student by day and globally influential fashion blogger at all times, Margaret Zhang is proof you can have both beauty and brains, and she makes it look so effortless. Writer, stylist, photographer, model, creative director, consultant and social media pro (she has 400,000 followers on Instagram alone), it seems there is nothing this self-confessed nerd can’t do!


The superstar blogger (check out Shine By Three) has won us over with her quirky persona, finely tuned and eclectic sense of style, plus her impeccable mastering of the no-makeup makeup look.

Read on for 14 things we just love about this fashion icon’s style.

1. She is the Queen of masculine dressing

We love Margaret’s tomboyish flair and masculine touches. Her androgynous take on just about everything is super-refreshing and never too much! Margaret may balance the masculine look with a feminine pair of shoes, bold lipstick, or bag. Or, she won’t.


2. Monochrome magic

No one loves a bold print more than Margaret, but she rocks the monochrome look just as adeptly. Margaret looks slick and cool in black and white (always paired with fierce shoes of course!)


3. She rocks wide-legged pants like nobody’s business

Margaret has wide-legged pants on high-rotation as part of her sartorial repertoire, irrespective of whether they’re “in fashion” or not. If the formula works, stick to it we say!


4. She makes us want to wear numerous jackets at the same time

She might not always put her arms exactly into the jacket but it will at the very least be slung casually over her shoulder, tied around her waist or held in her hand. No cold shoulders here!



4. She wears crops over tops

Crop tops over shirts are a favourite of Margaret, giving hope to girls who are not confident enough to bear all with a midriff!


5. And skirts over pants? Why not.

Margaret has single handedly prompted the ‘skirt over trousers’ trend, which she says edges up her outfit and creates a more interesting silhouette. We agree.



6. Basically she isn’t afraid of layering.

You can never have enough layers according to Margaret. We love these pairings of unlikely combinations but we don’t like our chances pulling something like this off personally. We will leave that up to the pro.


7. She lets the shoes do all the talking

All business on top and a party on the feet.


8. She knows that two prints are better than one

Or in some cases three! Margaret can match prints effortlessly, embracing things that no one else would dare and looks brilliant while doing it.



9. She loves layering the same colour 

Is this the new all black?


10. She wears a jacket around her waist like it’s the 90s

A Margaret Zhang signature that seems to work with just about everything, her jacket-around-the-waist tendencies add to the effortless vibe.



11. She does baggy better than Olsen twins

Daggy Baggy is best. This look just works, just don’t ask us why.



12. One word: colour

Margaret embraces unconventional colours (clothing and sunglasses!) Margaret is particularly fond of the coloured reflective lense.


13. Her love of interesting prints

Bold graphic prints make this blogger shine! Margaret’s styling with neutral colours perfectly balances the fun.


14. Creativity

We have to give this girl points for creativity as she leaves us expecting nothing but the unexpected!



Published on Breakfast With Audrey 30/03/2015


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