Australia’s First Fashion Film Awards Has Been Announced

We have all seen the latest Country Road campaign video starring Gemma Ward where she frolics on the beach, the picture of motherly perfection with her fresh face, free spirit and long golden limbs. This film, and many others like it, will be recognised at the first ever Australian Fashion Film Awards (AFFA) that will take place in May.


Country Road campaign video starring Gemma Ward

The Awards will celebrate the latest outstanding achievements in fashion and film, by brands and artists who are at the forefront of their industries and will promote growth and interest in the Fashion Film genre here in Australia as well as internationally.

The inaugural event will see fashion and film become one, rewarding excellence and creativity and celebrating homegrown talent like Miranda Kerr, Gemma Ward, Abbey Lee, Gracie Otto, Ellery and Country Road for their recent contributions to the industry. The awards will be judged by iconic fashion journalist Marion Hume who will be accompanied by a star studded line up of judges who are at the forefront of the Fashion and Film Industries.


The founder of AFFA, Anastasia Fai, says she hopes to create an exciting platform of synergy between the fashion and film industries and is excited to shine the spotlight on Australia and put our country on the world map in this rapidly growing genre.


With the increasing use of digital platforms to promote brand’s messages, it is not surprising that there has been a recent fascination with film in the fashion industry. In these technically innovative times, where consumers desire instant online connection with the world around them, a photo shoot is not always enough to launch an exciting new fashion concept.

There is already a global trend starting with some leading brands like Dior and Chanel having a short film as the new TV commercial creating works that are evocative, self-aware, thought provoking and push creative boundaries. Anastasia Fai believes that the leaders in the fashion industry are quickly recognising the need for a short film to articulate a brand’s personality to millions of people around the world who are consuming video content online.


Fashion Film is fast evolving with the medium increasingly influencing and transforming the landscape in which fashion is experienced. It is an exciting time for the industry, which will open up career opportunities for young talent, enable new partnerships for brands whilst also supporting the local fashion industry.

The AFFAs are sure to delight fashionistas and film addicts alike, giving both the opportunity to celebrate some of the most stylish movies made here in Australia.

The AFFA submission deadline is March 29th with finalists to be announced on April 15th. The Awards themselves will take place on May 11th.

Published on TheTrendSpotter 25/03/2015

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