MBFWA 2015 | Jayson Brunsdon Show Review

Love was in the air at the Jayson Brunsdon runway show today at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Great women have inspired past collections of Jayson Brunsdon however this year his inspiration came from a quote by celebrated lesbian author Gertrude Stein, ‘a rose is a rose’ meaning, ‘I am what I am,’ which defines the romantic and rebellious nature of this year’s collection.

The runway was transformed into an intimate setting with wrought iron chairs and rose beds placed down the entire center of the runway, typical of classic European romance and providing a backdrop for what was to come.

Voluminous tulle skirts, French brocade blazers and teased bouffant styled hair conjured a 1950s retro glam vibe, whilst still maintaining the understated ladylike elegance we have come to love Jayson Brunsdon for.

There was irony in luxurious fabrics from hi-shine metallics to raw lace in dark tones, detailed with sequins and many oversized silk bows and dramatic collars. Rose hues of pink and red were the defining colours that were balanced well with neutral shades.

Beautifully fitted knee length coats in floral brocades and lace worn over long silk organza skirts serenaded the runway and were reminiscent of 1950s Rockabilly. Sexy draped dresses paired with lace up brogues, stained dark lips and insect broaches were the defining edge to the collection and provoked a sense of individuality and self-expression.

This year’s show ushered in a new era for Jayson Brunsdon as he introduced his first menswear collection, which reflected the gender-neutral attitude of the brand and allowed for an interspersing of male and female elements throughout. Stand out pieces from the men’s collection were the French lace shirts and floral woven silk blazers.

With couture level drama and an atmosphere of rebellion the song Distant Dreamer by Duffy was the perfect complement to the show as was the finale, which saw an outpouring of rose petals over the audience in true theatrical fashion. There were no thorns in this show, with Jayson Brunsdon truly proving his genius yet again.

MBFWA-2015-Jayson-Brunsdon-Runway-11-of-45 MBFWA-2015-Jayson-Brunsdon-Runway-13-of-45 MBFWA-2015-Jayson-Brunsdon-Runway-42-of-45 MBFWA-2015-Jayson-Brunsdon-Runway-40-of-45 MBFWA-2015-Jayson-Brunsdon-Runway-29-of-45 MBFWA-2015-Jayson-Brunsdon-Runway-25-of-45  MBFWA-2015-Jayson-Brunsdon-Runway-6-of-45 MBFWA-2015-Jayson-Brunsdon-Runway-15-of-45 MBFWA-2015-Jayson-Brunsdon-Runway-20-of-45 MBFWA-2015-Jayson-Brunsdon-Runway-2-of-45 MBFWA-2015-Jayson-Brunsdon-Runway-1-of-45MBFWA-2015-Jayson-Brunsdon-Runway-9-of-45

Photos by Tafa Rock for TheTrendSpotter.

Published on TheTrendSpotter 09/04/2015

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