How To Wear Stripes This Season

The classic stripe is a girl’s best friend when it comes to patterns. Stripes look good on anyone, never go out of style and you can wear them with almost everything. What’s not to love? Stripes should be a mainstay in every girl’s wardrobe, but if you are feeling uninspired by this trend and feel like you have seen one stripe too many of late, we have some easy ways for you to change your stripes to keep your look fresh this season.

1. Add Colour

Injecting some colour to your striped ensemble is the easiest way to give some edge to your basic monochrome stripes. Try colours like bright blue and vivid red paired with white, or better yet if you are daring enough, experiment with colours in a range of hues. For a panache effect, think clashing colours in rainbow brights on a larger stripe.


2. Stripes On Stripes

Up your stripe ante by going matchy-matchy and wearing the pattern head to toe. Our favourite way to update the tried and tested stripe look is by doubling, or even tripling up on striped garments. Our favourites are striped suits for a more put together look but slouchy pairings will give off a more relaxed vibe if that’s what your after. Wearing stripes in opposite directions is also a great way to keep your look interesting and can feel more unique. Just remember, you can never have too many stripes.


3. Layer Stripes

Stripes are one of the easiest patterns to layer with just about everything. But they also add more depth to your outfit than any block colour ever could because of their multidimensional properties. Add a hint of a simple stripe to your layering repertoire for an instant outfit refresh.


4. Mix and Match Your Prints

Stripes are basically the neutral of prints so they easily work paired with a contrasting print. Mixing stripes with other patterns will elevate your outfit to uber cool in no time! We are all for outrageous print medleys and we say the bolder the better in this instance. Try to choose one print to dominate and one as an accent and make sure the prints are of different textures if you can. Make sure you have the right proportions because usually prints of different scales work best. The most important thing to remember is if the colours look good together, more often than not the prints will too.


5. Subtle Stripes

Instead of stripes all over try more subtle hints like a striped sleeve or hem. A little subtlety can go a long way. Play with positioning and placement to inject an element of fun and to make a statement.


6. Think Outside The Striped Top

Usually striped tops are the easiest way to wear this trend, but this season try stripes in different garments like a blazer, pants or a skirt. We urge you to think beyond your basic Breton top. For a look that stays ahead of the fashion pack try striped accessories like a clutch or a pair of heels.


7. Multi Dimensional Stripe

When it comes to stripes this season, more is more. Something so classic like stripes doesn’t necessarily have to be boring or predictable. This season aim for multi-coloured and multi-directional takes on the print. The more irregular the better! Don’t be afraid of overdoing it.


8. Mix It Up

A variety of stripes is always best. Different widths, lengths, positioning, depths and colours provide a wide scope for experimentation and will steer you away from the standard striped garment.


Published on TheTrendSpotter 02/06/2015

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