How To Style The Wrap Jacket

There is a new jacket trend in town, and it already has us wrapped around its finger. Say hello to the wrap jacket. Well not exactly ‘hello’, as its definitely not a style we haven’t seen before, but more like ‘nice to see you again’, because it’s a style that has been around forever, but has never been more on trend as it is now.

Effortless dressing is huge at the moment, so it’s no surprise that the wrap jacket, which replaces buttons with an easy tie belt, is the ‘It’ jacket of the moment. Minimalism and comfort dressing are huge right now and this robe resembling pull over ties in nicely with both of these trends, making it a must have investment piece for this season.

This chic and feminine outerwear solution stemmed from last season’s popular wrap coat of the oversized variety that rocked massive collars, beyond the knee lengths and were tied effortlessly around the waist. This style is still a big trend this year but if you are after something different or looking for a fresh approach, take it up a few notches and settle for a length that stops short of the hipbone or finishes on the thighs, which will create the illusion of longer legs and a more defining silhouette.


We are seeing many variations of this jacket this season, from more structured styles in leather and suede that make for great investment pieces and are more suited for formal occasions, to more relaxed styles in cotton and denim which are perfect for casual daytime attire. Another variation is the knit or blanket style wrap jackets, which boasts an abundance of fabric and a boho chic vibe that instantly makes you feel more relaxed. Cinch oversized styles effortlessly at the waist to create a more dramatic silhouette that resonates with the overtly feminine look of the season.


As comfortable and cosy as it is, this jacket doesn’t have to look lazy. This outerwear staple is one that you will be able to wear with a myriad of casual and formal essentials. Layered over the season’s basics like polo neck knits for a seasonal transition or paired with office wear for a classy and elegant combination. For a relaxed, everyday go-to outfit, pair your sneakers with your boyfriend jeans and even a quirky beanie if the weather permits.


To really pull this trend off forget about colour and instead choose a print for dramatic effect. To set your style further apart, try a contrasting or mismatched patterned belt to cinch at the waist for an even more interesting take on the trend. The quirkier the belt the better and make sure to fasten it carelessly to give off that effortless vibe.

How To Style Wrap Jacket - 1

Whilst the popularity of the wrap coat has been growing steadily since last season, the wrap jacket is even more versatile and universally flattering and its rise to the top looks set to continue well into S/S16. These elegant ladylike cover-ups are must-have items to add to your shopping list pronto!

Published on TheTrendSpotter 14/06/2015

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