5 Stylish Ways To Wear Hats and Beanies

Hats and beanies weren’t only made for bad hair days. In fact they are the key component to creating a cool look all year long, no matter the state of your hair underneath. In Summer, wide brimmed styles keep your face protected from the harsh Australian sun, and in Winter, cozy knit beanies help to keep you warm, whilst baseball caps are a year round wardrobe staple.

As seen on a slew of front-row fixtures, off-duty models, and stylish celebs, headgear is a quick and practical way to finish off your look, and the best part is that it is an easy-to-wear trend that can be styled with just about every outfit imaginable.

There are so many ways to wear hats and beanies, that are not only versatile but extremely functional. Adding either one to your outfit will score you extra style points, but you need to make sure they are worn correctly.

Here are five stylish ways to incorporate some headwear into your outfit.

1. Wear it as Your Pop of Colour

Beanies and hats come in basically every colour of the rainbow, making them a perfect way to add a bright color to any outfit. A dash of colour on your head can be the saving grace to an all black or all grey outfit. And because colour is hard to incorporate into an outfit for many, headwear is the perfect way to add colour.


2. Wear it Along With a Theme

Rock chick, beachy, feminine, sporty, chic or casual – hats can complement any type of dress theme and can be the perfect piece to pull your outfit together.


3. You Can’t Go Wrong With Grey

When in doubt, reach for grey. Grey is the ultimate winter shade: not quite black, and not shamelessly winter white, it’s that perfect middle ground and the new neutral that goes with everything.


4. Have a Little Fun With It

Solid beanies are easy to mix and match, but a bright or printed beanie can easily add outfit interest. Hats and beanies look great with bold lipstick which keeps from looking too lazy and more pulled together. Slogan hats are very on trend right now and a favourite with fashionista Cara Delevingne.


5. Casual is Best in This Instance

Don’t wear hats on the red carpet – try to put some effort into getting dressed up at night! Instead save hats and beanies for casual weekend attire. Although leather baseball caps are the exception as they are more dressy then a typical hat and are perfect to pair with more dressed up items like dresses and boots.


Published on TheTrendSpotter 04/07/2015

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