Women: Your Ultimate Guide To Dressing For The Polo

As the weather warms up, what could be better than a perfect afternoon of watching the horses throng into action from the relaxed and ambient setting of a day at the Polo.

The Polo is the perfect mix of relaxed country fun with all the glamour city life entails.

Sartorially speaking, dressing for the Polo falls somewhere between a picnic with friends and smart casual summer wear.

You can still glam yourself up of course, but keep in check with a more effortless vibe.

Crochet & Lace Dresses

What says summer more than a crochet or lace frock? Flowy, fitted or two-piece sets are perfect for a day of fun in the sun. These two fabrics are hugely trending this season, some of our favorite looks were from Zimmerman and Sass & Bide’s latest collections.

Just remember to wear appropriate undergarments with these materials as they tend to be see-through, and don’t wear any short hemlines – remember if you would wear it to a nightclub, bar or the beach, don’t wear it to the Polo.


A-Line Skirts

The A-Line skirt is the perfect mix of casual elegance. This ultra-feminine look is not only comfortable and appropriate for a day in the sun, but it is also suitably on trend.

This number creates a voluminous, feminine silhouette and is flattering to most body shapes. This style compliments most body types, but just make sure you find one that falls on the slimmest part of your leg and always pair with a fitted top to balance out the heavy lower half. Dress up with a crisp blouse or dress down with a tucked-in T-shirt.


Straw Hats

One of the first rules of dressing for the Polo is to leave your fascinators at home. If you need sun protection, add a hat, but opt for a brimmed hat, preferably in the straw variety which is perfect for summer as it will protect you from overheating. Small straw hats are the perfect accessory for the Polo as they are understated, and they add that perfect finishing touch to your summer ensemble.


Wedges and Flat Sandals

When it comes to the Polo, it’s best to leave your stiletto’s at home. Opt for an elegant pair of wedge heels or flats such as sandals, to prevent yourself from sinking into the grass and to ensure you don’t limp out of the Polo with aching tootsies.

If your outfit is casual, pair it with wedges to dress it up. And similarly, if you chose to make a statement with your clothing, dress it down with a smart pair of sandals. The same goes for bags; not only should your bag or clutch match your outfit, but it should be a casual addition and nothing too over the top or glitzy. Think over the shoulder bag or a cute woven clutch and find one that fits in all the essentials needed for hours spent outside in the elements.


Summer Booties

When dressing for the Polo you should always start at the feet up, remembering that you will be treading on grass floor all day long. The ultimate perfect shoe for the Polo is a boot, which will allow you not only to take part in ‘stomping the divots’ but will edge up even the most feminine ensemble.

However make sure your boot is appropriate for the season, opt for a summer variation in the warmer months to avoid looking out of place amongst all the summery strap up wedges and sandals.


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