Men: Your Ultimate Guide To Dressing For The Polo

As the weather warms up, what could be better than a perfect afternoon of watching the horses throng into action from the relaxed and ambient setting of a day at the Polo.

The Polo is the perfect mix of relaxed country fun with all the glamour city life entails.

Sartorially speaking, dressing for the Polo falls somewhere between a picnic with friends and smart casual summer wear.

You can still glam yourself up of course, but keep in check with a more effortless vibe.

Summer Shirts

Of course there is always the signature Polo shirt for men to slip on for a day at the Polo, which will provide the perfect mix of city and country flair. However if you want to stand out from the pack, a lightweight summer shirt is the best way to go.

Easy and breezy, a shirt of this style is a never fail and the perfect way to look casual and smart, whilst not forgoing your trendy aesthetic. We suggest opting for plain, light colours or stripes and checks in linen and cotton varieties.



Whilst loafers and slip on shoes have been great options in the past, with the huge influence of the sports luxe trend on the runways of late, running shoes have become acceptable attire for the Polo.

Runners are the perfect way to edge up a preppy outfit, whilst stamping your own signature take on a classic polo look, not to mention ensuring you will stand out from the pack.



Chino’s are the obvious choice when it comes to trousers for the Polo. Not only are they a classic item, but they are easy to style and befittingly on trend.

A casual belt should accompany the pants; however stay away from a dress pant belt, which will take away from the effortlessness of the look. We think you can’t go past a pair of crisp white or muted beige chinos styled with a white linen shirt.



If temperatures are really soaring, make sure you alter your outfit accordingly. Switch your chinos for a pair of smart dress shorts. To ensure you don’t look too casual, dress the shorts up with a blazer or suit jacket to add that perfect subtle flair, and play up the look with a fun pocket square. Embrace colour when opting for shorts and don’t be afraid to go bold, mixing two opposing hues together is a big trend this season.


Summer Jackets

Completing your look with a jacket can add the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. If you have decided to wear shorts, this will ensure your outfit looks more pulled together and falls on the dressier side. Your jacket should provide the perfect complement to your outfit, whilst not taking away too much attention from what you have going on beneath. Bright and bold jackets are fine as long as you keep the rest of your outfit streamlined.



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