Silverchair rocker Daniel Johns takes ‘indefinite hiatus’ with reports he no longer wants to tour due to ‘stage fright’

He was thrust into the forbidding world of rock and roll at the tender age of just 15, with no discernment of the perils that come hand-in-hand with stardom.

And after a long-spanning career in the limelight, that has weathered both meteoric highs and lows, former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns has decided to withdraw from centre stage, and instead retreat to the United States.

The Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday, that the 37-year-old Australian musician plans to ‘lose himself’ in the alluring Los Angeles music scene, claiming he ‘no longer wants to tour’ due to his believed ‘stage fright’.


‘He has survived 25 years of intense fame and all the ridiculous pressure that goes with it,’ a music insider explained to the publication.

Delineating that the pressures of fame have taken a toll on the fragile rocker, the insider said Daniel wants to work in a more ‘controlled’ environment.

‘It’s bound to have an effect on a person. He no longer wants to tour. He wants to express himself from a controlled studio environment where he can keep his stage fright at bay,’ they commented.

Concluding: ‘It’s not typical for a musician but then Daniel, to his credit, was never typical.’

The announcement of Daniel’s indefinite overseas hiatus comes after a number of recent ‘sloppy’ public appearances, which seemingly indicate his life has been spiralling out of control.


The performer’s time in the spotlight appears to have gotten the better of him in recent years.

Just a few weeks ago, the singer was embroiled in an incident at Sydney’s Woolloomooloo Wharf.

The singer was spotted at popular restaurant China Doll, dressed in ‘pyjama pants’, while enjoying a lunch with his girlfriend Estelita Huijer on his birthday.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the celebrated performer noticed Newscorp photographer Stephen Cooper and ‘chased’ him down the street but was ‘unable to catch up’ to him.

It’s understood the singer tried to come to an agreement with the snapper by suggesting the pair do something ‘more artistic together’.

A source, who claims to have spotted Johns and girlfriend Huijer, told the newspaper: ‘They were sitting in the corner of the restaurant for the whole afternoon. I think he was in his pyjama pants’.

This comes almost a year after the singer was spotted lying outside his home in May 2015.


He later explained his behaviour in Who magazine in November that year, saying he was sleeping rough because he forgot his keys, not because he was high or intoxicated, as had wrongly been suggested.

Daniel is most famously known as being the frontman of Australian band Silverchair, which went into ‘indefinite hibernation’ in 2011.

Silverchair, made up of Daniel, Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou, won 21 ARIA awards and sold over seven million albums worldwide over the two decades they played together.

In February last year, Daniel was found guilty of a mid-range drink driving offence after being stopped by police in Newcastle back in October 2014.


He was found to be driving 20 to 30 kilometres over the speed limit, and was also found to be under the influence of alcohol.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Estelita have reportedly been dating since 2013, having announced his divorce from Aussie pop darling, Natalie Imbruglia in 2008.


And it seems the beauty has had quite the influence on the musician’s solo work in recent times.

Speaking to last year, Johns said she was ‘totally’ his muse when developing the sound track for album Talk.

‘If you spend 24/7 with someone…you would hope that the person that’s living in the house doesn’t mind hearing it,’ he added.

This article originally appeared on Daily Mail.


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