Jason Dundas Shares His Tips For Staying In Shape

You may recognise him from his former days as a presenter on Getaway or for his current role hosting X-Factor Australia. Or maybe you know him simply for his very impressive six-pack displayed whilst walking down the David Jones catwalk, for which he is a menswear ambassador.

Jason Dundas sat down with Megan Pustetto at the launch of Holden’s new Trailblazer and Colorado vehicles at Cabarita Beach, to share his dynamic approach to health and fitness.

He has been living abroad in the United States for 7-years, frequently travelling between states and back to his native Australia, but despite being on the road quite a lot, Jason Dundas still manages to stay in top shape.

Sharing his tips for consistently maintaining his impressive physique exclusively with Megan Pustetto, the X-Factor Australia host admits he has a rather laid-back approach.

“When I was younger I use to land in a city and exercise straight away, but it put a lot of stress on my body and I would find that I would binge eat or get room service,” the 34-year-old explained.


“So now what I do is relax for the first 2 days and let the body chill-out for a bit and I don’t go too hard with exercise – I do more stretching and I focus on eating leafy greens, vegetables, lean protein and lots of water, then after adjusting for a few days I click into ironman mode and go nuts with exercise,” he said.

Dundas, who is currently based in Los Angeles, says he likes to mix things up when it comes to his fitness regime, and tailors his workouts to suit his location.

“I’ve been swimming a lot lately because I haven’t been to Australia for such a long time and in Los Angeles the ocean just doesn’t compare,” theEntertainment Tonight reporter said.

“I’ve moved to Bondi Beach for 5-weeks, so I’ve been at the Icebergs pool every morning and afternoon doing laps, and that’s how I have been staying fit whilst here,” he said.

Despite his grueling exercise regime, Dundas, who is currently studying personal training and health coaching and who also has his own active wear range DundasFit, admits diet plays a huge role in maintaining his ripped physique

“For me, it’s all about what I eat. I can watch my body go up and down in just three or four days from eating different food so I try to eat certain foods based on how much exercise I can do. So I monitor that,” he explained.


Dishing the secrets of how he achieves his super-toned figure, Dundas says he enjoys a protein and vegetable-rich diet and “avoids fried food or food that comes in a packet,” adding, “I’m not some crazy healthy-eating guy – I have a balanced diet just like everyone else!”

Dundas admits he gets cravings just like anyone else, but manages them using a method called ‘crowding out.’

“If there is this whole thing of chips, I say to myself, ‘You can have that, but just eat this salad first then you can eat as much chips as you want.’ There is so much fibre in the healthy food that when I eat it my body is like, ‘You don’t need anything else’ so I have a couple of chips, so I don’t feel like I’m stressed out and avoiding the good things in life.

However, more extreme measures are taken in order to get his physique extra ripped for the David Jones catwalk, with Dundas explaining his toned abs he paraded down the runway are a result of a Ketosis diet, which he says is huge in the US at the moment.

It involves not eating carbohydrates for 4-5 days and Dundas says it can be extremely “draining on the mind and body.”


But despite the seemingly difficult nature of the diet, his overall number one health tip is effectively very simple. Dundas advises: “Drink more water.”

“Whenever you go to drink anything drink water first,” he said. “As soon as I start drinking bottled drinks, sports drinks, soft drinks, power drinks, I start to get confused about what to eat, but when I just drink water it keeps me focused and it’s a simple way to start.

“Have a full glass of water and wait 15-minutes. And most of the time you wont be hungry.”

The TV presenter also revealed that he steers clear of alcohol, because t it doesn’t agree with his body.

“I can’t drink alcohol. My body doesn’t really handle it, so I don’t drink a lot of it,” he said, adding, “Maybe the occasional wine at dinner.”

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